Our transportation choices shape our city and ourselves. The ease with which we can move around determines how we spend our time each day. When travelling is easy, we can do and see more, or simply spend more time with the people and activities important to us. As we know, Las Vegas is a great destination to visit, and an even better place to live. Having transportation options that are easy, accessible, and flexible allows our residents to save time and money while promoting their well-being, our visitors to have a good time and want to return, and our trucks to deliver what we want when we need it.

What is the Mobility Master Plan?

The city of Las Vegas is undertaking a comprehensive planning effort to develop a 20-year vision for transportation in our city, known as the Mobility Master Plan. This plan will strive to create a balanced, multimodal transportation system; one which gives people choices about how to get to their destinations. As a result, multimodal opportunities such as light rail, street cars, protected bike lanes, or alternate modes that encourage mobility choices other than just automobiles will be a cornerstone of this plan. As the city continues to grow and the transportation system evolves, it will also be advantageous to see the use of new technologies to assist with proactively managing vehicle traffic.

Why is this study important?

A better quality of life and economic stability will be key outcomes of a successful Mobility Master Plan. This long-term strategic plan will help guide transportation decisions and prioritize public investments for the years ahead. The city continues to grow and become more dynamic as we attract new residents, visitors, and businesses to the Las Vegas valley. The plan will provide a blueprint for us to move forward, build upon our past successes, and rise to meet new and emerging challenges.

What is our Citywide Transportation VISION?

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What types of projects are TRANSFORMATIONAL?

Transportation improvements that facilitate….


What transportation CHOICES make a livable city?


What is the SCHEDULE for the study?

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